Pricing for the HomeCache is £150 + VAT/shipping. 
There is an ongoing support charge for the product, this is free with the hardware charge for the first year, and then it costs £30 + VAT per year after the end of the first year.

The HomeCache is connected via Ethernet cable to your Local Area Network router as per the diagram and acts as a DHCP server to all connected devices. 

Any web requests* are delivered to the requesting device but also stored on the HomeCaches hard drive with subsequent requests for that content being delivered directly from the HomeCache. 

As the HomeCache recognises the stored files as the content it represents rather than from where it was downloaded from it is compatible with the Content Delivery Networks widely used by all major media distribution companies.

 The maximum object file size is 6GB which will easily accommodate Operating System updates and with a 64GB hard drive that cycles its storage based upon its age,

 you can be assured that your most recently downloaded content is cached and accessible. 

There is currently a limit of 20 network devices that can be served by the HomeCache and if your needs exceed this please let us know as we will be following up with a business level version in early 2016. 

HomeCache will keep in its local cache parts of web video, music, images and library files that were already viewed by users. 
Next time if a same video or music is required again by users, the HomeCache will retrieve it from itself without having to re download it again.
 This significantly decreases the time access to the selected video or music files, 
it also improves your Internet performances and saves your bandwidth for other users.
Have saturated your connection and your bandwidth is full/overloaded.
 Want to add additional users to the same bandwidth Experience increased demand for bandwidth intensive content,
 such as video streaming Want to control what users can see and do online.

1. Connect your satellite modem into your router. 
2. Connect your HomeCache into your router. 
3. Wait five minutes for the cache to boot. 
4. Start and connect computers to switch/router.
5. Open your internet browser of choice. Your browser should automatically direct you to the activation page at this point. If not, please head to: www.activatecache.com 
6. Once you have completed activation, you will be able to navigate to http://login.cloudip365.com you will be able to view more detailed information on your device through this portal. Installation Once you have received your Home Cache, please follow these simple steps Installation Guide v1.0 HomeCache Connect this port to your Router/Switch The Home Cache is designed to e.ectively save bandwidth usage by caching HTTP content and enhancing users’ browsing experience by instantly loading frequently used content. In commercial and larger consumer networks, this can provide substantial savings and signi.cantly improve performance for users. With the large capacity of the cache, there is provision for storing a wide array of data negating the need for larger data plans.

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